At Prospect Video, we understand that your college recruiting video shouldn't come from a cookie cutter template while at the same time, college coaches are looking for particular items in the recruiting videos they watch for their sport.  We are continually researching what college coaches are looking for in these recruiting videos. 

Whether you need assistance putting all of your highlight and skill videos together for a recruiting or tribute video, or you also need assistance with High Definition filming, we are looking forward to working with you.

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Here are the high school and college sports that we service:


- Baseball - Soccer
- Basketball - Softball
- Football
- Swimming & Diving
- Golf
- Tennis
- Gymnastics
- Track & Field
- Ice Hockey
- Volleyball
- Lacrosse
- Wrestling

08-08-2012 - Incoming high school Freshmen and younger, have you heard about the new NCAA Eligibility Requirements beginning in 2016? A higher GPA will be required and no more waiting to cram in your core classes your Junior and Senior year.  Make sure you know what will be expected of you.Here is a recent article about the changes.
Must Ministries
02-26-2012 - We are excited to now support Must Ministries!  10% of every job will now go to Must Ministries.  Now along with receiving a relevant recruiting video customized for you and your sport, you will be helping out families who have critical needs or are in times of crisis.